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*Downtown – invisalign.  Dr. Christian Fournier, orthodontist for more than twenty years is offering exclusively the invisalign product to his Montreal's customers.

The unique invisalign technique developed by Dr. Christian Fournier made him one of the most advanced certified orthodontist in the field. Dr. Christian Fournier, on an individual basis, was the first orthodontist of the province of Québec to hold the denomination TOP 1% Provider, the highest distinction of invisalign.  He has been appointed Premier Provider in 2008 and Elite Provider in 2013.  He uses daily the invisalign technique since 2004.

Invisalign are removable and transparent aligners. The aligners must be worn 24 hour a day and be changed at a frequency accelerated and determined by Dr. Christian Fournier. The speed and the amplitude of the displacements of your teeth will be decided and planned by Dr. Christian Fournier. Thanks to his experiment, he may now treats all situations with the invisalign technique.


Come to meet Dr. Christian Fournier to his Laval clinic. Only one visit will convince you that the invisalign technique is for you.

Only those who have at least 800 patients with the invisalign technique and annually have 200 new patients can be called TOP 1% Provider.