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We offer much more than simple consultations at our Laval offices. Your first appointment with Dr. Fournier will involve a complete assessment of your teeth. We’ll take pictures, interpret your panoramic x-rays and take a 3D scan of your teeth. Dr. Fournier will use this to create a model of your treatment. This ensures an optimal result and makes it easier for you to see your orthodontic needs.

We’ll even email you the virtual treatment plan after your appointment.

Dr. Fournier has been specializing in orthodontics for more than 25 years. He offers Invisalign treatments for all types of malocclusion. He is also the Invisalign scanner’s North American usage representative. Invisalign treatments can only be successful if patients wear their aligners and if their dentist is able to use the technology properly—and that includes the software.

As a patient of Dr. Fournier, you will be seeing the only dental professional in Quebec who has been teaching Invisalign techniques all over the world since 2008. In fact, his videos help coach other dentists and orthodontists Take advantage of his expertise! After all, he has successfully treated over 1,300 patients using Invisalign.

The success of an Invisalign treatment depends on the dental practitioner’s experience. Dr. Fournier’s extensive experience, knowledge, and strategies have made him one of the best in the industry for using virtual teeth movement, the software used to move teeth.

Invisalign is a better-looking treatment option that’s easier to keep clean, more durable and much more comfortable than traditional braces.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Fournier to find out more about this innovative option that’s just as effective as traditional braces. Transform your life by improving your smile naturally, comfortably, and cosmetically.

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